Focus Groups: Treasure Trove of Insight and Intelligence



Here we are conducing a 12-person focus group in our studio facility, located in the Westchase Business District in Houston, Texas – as technicians and interested parties observe from the control room.

This approach to gathering valuable research is utilized by a broad array of business enterprises. Much of our experience over the years is in the area of litigation where mock juries are formed to react to key evidence and express preferences for each side in the case.

Early on in substantial cases, trial lawyers often conduct focus groups when forming persuasive concepts and understandable terminology in arguing the merits of a case.

Prior to mediation, mock juries are exposed to both the plaintiff and defendant’s cases to gauge perception of the parties and the strongest evidence from both sides. At this stage the plaintiffs often prepare a news-style video documentary to provide to the defendants, who review it and sometimes use it to test in front of their focus group.

Just prior to trial, focus groups provide valuable questions and commentary that positively contributes to the selection of jury members if the case is actually tried. And, during those sessions, the trial attorneys can test the effectiveness of their demonstrative evidence.

We’ve supported and facilitated focus groups for both plaintiff and defense.

We can organize them by organizing focus members, mirroring the ethnic, cultural and socio-economic make-up of the venue. We have usually constructed and can manage the database of evidence in the case and are therefore, prepared to present it to focus groups, client meetings, or at trial. Over the years, we’ve produced hundreds of video settlement brochures for plaintiff’s counsel used in focus groups or mediation across the country.

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