Sub 5 Solutions

This series of blog posts focuses on what we call “Sub 5 Solutions”, which are approaches to creating fresh content with a budget of under $5 thousand dollars. First, we will discuss the :30 TV commercial and public service announcement.

The old advertising adage is get their attention, create an interest, convert the interest to desire and close. Remember too that people are moved by memorable stories that compel them into action.

Yes, storytelling can take place in a half minute.

Commercial messages always begin with a concept. Ideas to convey that should be varied. They are tested before a market sampling. The creative process proceeds with these guidelines and this research intelligence to craft the final product.

A Sub 5 solution breaks out into this typical budget.


TV Ad/PSA Budget

Scripting/Storyboarding $600

A competent and creative copywriter tightens and enlivens the words that are used. Storyboarding a spot is nothing beyond just simple sketching to visualize the flow of the imagery and sound.

Producer/Director Fee $800

This role is critical. Look at the potential hire’s portfolio to find the right match.

Locations $800

This involves shooting original footage either on location or in a studio. Travel costs could bust the budget. Come organized and rehearsed. And, spend less than half a day, getting what you need.

Graphics $600

Spots typically contain graphics. It adds impact to put motion into those graphics.

Licensing/ Talent Fees $700

Music is not free. Neither are stock images. Licensing is required to avoid copyright violations. Professional on-camera and/or voice talent charge a fee (which varies).

Editing/Post Production $1500

Fortunately, shorter length content often requires less time in editing if the producer/director is clear and focused on what the final product should be.

Successful spots don’t necessarily contain all of the bells and whistles, but always the perfect tone and emotion.

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