Sub 5 Solutions (Part 3)

This series of blog posts focuses on what we call “Sub 5 Solutions”, which are approaches to creating fresh content with a budget of under five thousand dollars. In this post, we are reviewing how to produce a video podcast and avenues to broadcast and/or distribute it.

First, what is a video podcast? Podcasts are commonly audio only, formatted like a typical radio program and inexpensive to produce. Costs can involve creating a script, hiring a professional host and editing the content. Interviewees for the program can be recorded remotely via a phone line, which is a significant cost reduction.

If video is added, then the approach shifts and adding visual content can be more impactful. Participants are on camera. Additionally, graphics and other video can be built into the program to increase the effectiveness of the communication.

With the expense associated with creating content in podcasting, think about producing a series and not just a single program. Each segment is concise and more easily digested by the viewer. Each can be published at once or regularly over time, but when they are all created at once, costs can be spread out.

HLN 015

The video podcast is typically set up by mimicking a radio studio, with table microphones and the participants wear headsets. A monitor can be added to display visuals during taping. And others can still be included remotely via Skype, Google Hang-out, or via phone (and a still image of that person is used to accompany the voice).

Here is a budget template of under $5 thousand dollars for a series of 5 five-minute podcasts:

Scripting $600
Studio Rental $1,000
Graphics $500
Editing/Post Production $2,200
Talent/Music Licensing $700

Podcasting is a great method of producing fresh content on an ongoing basis for web sites, news releases and training.

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